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It is often said that a habit takes 21 days to re-program the brain and 3 months for it to become a new habit…

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Feb e-News – Habits


It is often said that a habit takes 21 days to re-program the brain and 3 months for it to become a new habit. That’s why most exercise or eating programs are 3 months long.

I thought I would test this idea and recently re-started my daily meditation practice. Initially it was challenging and being consistent with it wasn’t easy, but I persisted. At around the 21 day mark, ironically, meditation felt so “normal” that if I missed a day it felt odd.

Quite often we are disappointed if what we are aiming to achieve does not occur as quickly as we’d like. Instead of giving up, why not ask yourself “have I been consistent with my actions everyday for at least 21 days?” If you have missed even one day, then this will set you back. So keep on being consistent and notice what changes and new habits you discover – it’s quite self-inspiring when it occurs!

Feb e-News – Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits

There are many healthy habits you could be doing, so we will focus on some key ones:


No surprise here! Having a properly functioning spine with no pain is crucial to moving better, exercising and feeling better!

And remember, you don’t have to have pain to be unhealthy!

Correct Nutrition

Eating a balanced diet with plenty of vegetables, moderate protein, and minimal carbohydrates will ensure you don’t feel sluggish, and provide you with the necessary requirements to function better. It will ensure your body is in a state of “alkaline” rather than “acid”, and when your’re in alkaline it’s nearly impossible to get sick. Most chronic diseases develop in an acidic environment so aim to minimize acidic foods. The #1 culprit is sugar!


When you don’t drink enough water your body holds onto what it has, so you end up carrying more fluid. A simple way to begin losing fluid & weight is to drink water, and lots of it – aim for 3-4 litres per day. If you find this hard, try starting with 600 mL with breakfast and building from there. Adding some freshly squeezed lemon juice will also kickstart your alkalizing environment.

Correct exercise

Running, Yoga, or the Gym? Doing the right exercise for you is vital. Your body & mind will thank you for it. Pick something that you also enjoy and if you physically can’t do it right now, don’t worry, you still might be able to. You may just need to work on certain things with your health to get you there. Ask Dr. Tass if you’re experiencing this type of setback.

Mental relaxation

Take some time out daily for some mental relaxation. Meditation, quiet time, removing yourself from gadgets like tv, mobile phones & computers are great ways to achieve this state of bliss. Once you begin to see the benefits, you will want to do more. Begin with 10 minutes daily.

January e-News – New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

Have you been excited & inspired and made a New Year’s Resolution only to never see it fully eventuate?

That’s probably because you haven’t come from a place of VALUES. Coming from a place of values begins with identifying why you are doing something, and specifically how high you value that particular thing. Common values for people are family, health, or happiness. An example for a new year’s resolution would be losing weight. However, if losing weight is not something placed highly enough on your value system then quite simply you won’t value it enough to actually achieve it. In other words, a resolution of weight loss may seem like a good idea, but you enjoy eating sweets and excessive fats more than the actual resolution of weight loss.

Most people who fail to achieve their resolutions choose ones where they may not have a high value for it, and this usually ends up in not achieving it and frustration. A better way would be to really look at what you value most and aim to improve that area, thereby achieving that resolution. It may not seem as appealing as losing weight, but you’re more likely to actually achieve it, rather than end up frustrated, AGAIN!

Action to Take:

Begin by writing a list of the 5 things you value the most. Be honest, and choose things that appeal to you, not to others.

Write a resolution based on your highest value and you’ll see it will develop and you will achieve your resolution goals!!