Your Values Will Kick Butt Over Goals


Ever wondered why you’ve been unable to achieve something in life? It may be losing weight, getting fitter or stronger, or managing stress better. Many people continuously set themselves up for failure by simply overlooking one critical, yet valuable aspect of achieving their goals. I believe this is the most important thing, and getting it right will make immediate changes. It’s your values.

What do I mean? Simply put, the value we place on something determines how much importance we place on it and want to achieve it. And I mean really want to achieve it. A few years ago I wanted to get stronger in the gym, but I also wanted to run a marathon. Being a previous gym-junkie I found it really hard to run long distances. I loved the feel of lifting heavy weights – as most guys do! But my next “goal” was to run a marathon. Running a marathon was a challenge for me, one that I valued more than getting stronger again. So I began running, and running, and running – much like Forest Gump! Before I knew it I was running 10km, then 13km then 17km without even realizing how. The high value I placed on running got my mind there, all that was needed was some planning to get my body there.

So how can this help you? Begin by writing out your top 10 values below. Be honest. Then look at what your goals are. You may not have any, which you may have your reasons for this. But if you do, look at how these match up with your values. Often when your goal doesn’t match with the value you place on it, it will be very hard to achieve it. This is because you won’t want it bad enough when challenges arise, and they will, and you’ll most likely give up (again!). Try this exercise, you might be surprised at the results.