A Vital 7 Letter Word

This is the first of 3 blog topics focusing on what you may be doing to potentially create or re-create your spinal self awarenessproblems – something I get questions about daily. There’s a seven letter word that is a very common thing we do & is creating more spine & health problems the more we do it …SITTING!

Many people are sitting far too long and incorrectly. I bet you’ve never wondered just how sitting may affect your spine – well maybe some of you have (high five yourself!) But sitting is not what we are made for, and no matter if you sit in a perfectly ergonomically correct position, it’s still a problem, and many studies have shown the spine & health problems it can lead to.

Movement is life, and sitting creates stress & stiffness in muscles, discs, nerves & joints – the things that contribute to your spinal health. So, if you’re wondering what to do, the first thing is to “check in” with yourself, that is have some self awareness for how you’re sitting. The following is a great checklist to be aware of, which may lead to spinal problems:

– Sitting with a wallet in the back pocket

– Sitting with legs crossed, or leaning to one side

– Sitting too long in one position (too long is generally classified as 30 minutes to 1 hour)

– Sitting with poor posture (rounded shoulders, head tilting, etc)

There may be some other funky ways you’re sitting, but the above are the most common which may re-create your spinal problems or relapses, affect your recovery, and ultimately your spinal health!

So what positions are you guilty of succumbing too? Are you even aware that you’re doing them? Awareness is key to making corrective, long-lasting changes.

(As part of awareness month, Dr. Tass is offering FREE advice on ergonomic and sitting positions. Please email (tass@greendoorchiropractic.com.au) a picture of yourself at your office or workspace in your typical posture, and he will respond with his advice on how to improve it, so that you break the cycle of re-creating your spinal problems!)