4 Easy Ways to survive Christmas without going insane

Help me, help me! These are the cries at this time of year for many people stressing all over the world, and as 2013 draws to an Untitledend, we focus on four things to help you survive the busiest time of the year – Christmas. Most people probably don’t stop to realize how much they’re doing during December, often overloading their bodies & minds with many stresses.

So what are our BIG 4? Stress, Foods, Spinal Health, Exercise


Busy, busy, busy, how am I going to fit everything in? There’s the work & social lunches & dinners, organizing the kids, and sometimes dealing with impatient drivers & people at shopping centres for the Christmas rush!

It’s ok, it will get done! Our brains have been shown to not cope well under immense stress, affecting our ability to make logical & calm decisions. Taking some time out to sit quietly for 5-10 minutes can usually help us feel more relaxed and centered. Try starting out your day with this activity and see how it works.


People can often overindulge, eating a lot of the foods they have probably been avoiding for most of the year & putting on excess weight quickly. Some look at this as a reward, others as letting go for a brief period. Either way, it’s always good to start the new year with a detox (even if it’s for 1-2 weeks).

A simple detox can include avoiding all meats, dairy, wheat, gluten, coffee and alcohol. It’s a great way to help your body get back on track.

Spinal health

Remembering to keep good sleeping, moving & sitting postures is very important during this time of year. With the added stress usually comes increased tension in nerves, muscles and joints and the last thing you want is something to go wrong with your spine!


It’s tempting to finish all the gardening in one day, or go for a long run when you’re not used to it. The weather is nice, everybody else is keeping active so why shouldn’t you? Keep in mind your capabilities and level of exercise ability, as this often ties in closely to your spinal health. From there, you’ll make better exercise choices which align (pardon the pun!) with your body and abilities.

Which of these 4 could you improve during December?