Back pain causes – what’s common?

Wow, what a loaded question! Whilst back pain causes can be multiple, we are going to focus on 2 very common back pain causesback pain causes – strains & micro-traumas.

(1) Strains (often due to joint misalignments, with subsequent muscle & ligament strain). Joint misalignments simply mean a spinal or extremity joint being out of it’s correct alignment. When this happens our body always compensates & reacts to this by changing things like our posture and misaligning other joints. Subsequent increased muscle or ligament tension can then result.

Below shows a common pattern following joint misalignments:

Joint misalignments > loss of spinal movement & function > muscle & ligament stiffness > movement become harder (like bending or walking) > wear and tear is accelerated > further damage > eventually pain may result.

This is usually when people contact me wanting some help.

(2) Another common back pain cause are Micro-traumas, which occur with repeated episodes of back pain, that self resolve, and occur again from time to time. Each back pain episode creates a micro-trauma (damage to the internal structures like joints, discs, ligaments, muscles). These then build up until one day you bend over to pick up a pen, and bang your intense back pain is felt! But this time, it’s worse than ever, and you’ve also got some leg pain & numbness. Now you’re just wishing it would go away, fast!

Again, this is the time I usually get a phone call or an emergency call. Picking up the pen wasn’t the back pain cause or the issue, but your internal back structures have damaged over time due to the repeated micro-traumas, and this was the final straw.

With both of these examples, your body (and brain) will adapt and compensate to the joint misalignments and micro-traumas. The danger with this, is you feel that all is well as you don’t experience any pain (yet!). The first episode of back pain has usually had a long term build up, which you’ve either ignored or not worried about.

Whatever damage has been done is not reversible, so having a spinal check up is a great idea to determine the health of your spine. We offer this as part of our New Patient Consultation. There is no obligation or risk involved on your part, no sales or pressure tactics are used either!

So if this is something that sounds right for you, make sure you give us a call now on 9859 0935 to either book your first appointment today, or to ask about any questions you may have!

Till next time,

Stay healthy & happy!