Importance of Stress

When we think about stress, we often associate it to a negative response. Maybe because we are conditioned in society to look out for stressful situations or the negative effects stress can have on our health. Either way, we actually need stress. Here’s why…stress

Simply put, without stress we would die! Stress is part of our survival mechanism. When we encounter a stressful situation, our body automatically goes into “fight” mode, which involves various bodily functions aimed at dealing with the stressful situation. An example is if a pedestrian suddenly appears on the road in front of you whilst driving, you automatically go into a state of readiness by activating the sympathetic nervous system (“fight” mode). Things like the dilation of your pupils so you can see better & increase in heart rate and blood flow to the muscles so you can use them quicker. Once the stressful situation has passed, the body settles back to it’s previous state – unless of course we allow the stress to remain!

So intermittent, short acting stressful responses are quite healthy, but don’t let them take over your life.