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What is a headache and why do I have it?

Headaches, such as cervicogenic type are common and consist of pain in the neck and back of the skull areas, sometimes with added head and face pains. They are usually due to local structures like joints, muscles and nerves, that have become injured or irritated from major or minor trauma. They may also be caused by stress or anxiety.

What may help my headache?

Our Treatment Approach

  1. Clinically-proven spinal manipulation is aimed at increasing your neck mobility and quickly relieving your headaches, and is effective for cervicogenic headaches.
  2. Rehabilitation/exercise therapy is aimed at increasing your neck strength to decrease the likelihood of recurring headaches from weakened muscles.
  3. We also utilize additional therapies such as dry needling, taping and postural advice as required.

What does this mean for me? 

Being able to get back to doing what’s important in life such as:

  • Working with no headaches
  • Sleep comfortably having a full restful night
  • As well as perform daily activities such as gardening, cooking, and cleaning headache free

What Happens on My First Visit?

Our chiropractic doctor finds the cause of your headache and how best to help relieve it using the following:

  • A thorough history of your headache
  • A range of motion assessment to find which neck joints are restricted
  • Nerve tests to determine which nerves may be causing your headache
  • Muscle testing to isolate painful and weak muscles
  • Orthopedic tests to determine which spinal joints may be contributing to your headache
  • Treatment is aimed at relieving your headache as fast as possible

Why choose our Chiropractic Doctor?

  • Our Chiropractors are proactive and have a unique approach to pain relief and improving musculoskeletal health. By treating the spine, joints and surrounding muscle they focus on quickly decreasing pain and improving functional mobility & stability. This is aimed at preventing the body from getting to a state where pain and dysfunction are present.
  • Combined our Chiropractors have over 25 years experience between them in helping patients from stay home mum’s to elite athletes, our chiropractor’s extensive academic background and passion to help others makes him one of the best practitioners in his field. S

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