Chiropractic Relief of Muscle Pain Instantly

How can chiropractic offer relief of your muscle pain?

Chiropractors commonly treat musculoskeletal disorders and pain, including chronic myofascial pain, and many report the benefits among their patients receiving spinal therapy. But how and why may chiropractic provide relief of muscle pain?Relief of muscle pain

Researchers have explored the neurophysiological mechanisms of spinal therapy in treating and managing myofascial pain. Previous studies have suggested painful trigger points in the myofascial tissues may contribute to this chronic pain condition. These can be considered as muscle “knots” commonly treated by massage therapists & myotherapists.

  • In this study, researchers investigated if spinal adjustments could produce immediate relief of muscle pain by increasing patients’ pressure pain thresholds in myofascial trigger points. They discovered that adjustments evoked immediate increases in pressure pain thresholds (i.e. decreased pain sensitivity). The researchers concluded that spinal adjustments can reduce myofascial pain in healthy young adults. In other words, provide relief of muscle pain. Read more here.

Wow what an amazing study!

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