Effective care for Sports Injuries & Optimal Performance

Our experienced sports chiropractor sees sports injuries on a daily basis & his thorough approach means your sports injury is properly taken care of.

Conditions we focus on:

  • Hamstring & Groin injuries (prevention, rehab, strengthening)
  • Knee & Ankle injuries
  • Muscle strains & tears, Ligament damage

A Sports injury example

The persistent pain in your knee could be the result of a direct injury to the knee; or it could be your body’s reaction for poor moving lower back, hips & ankles, or weak hip & thigh muscles!

A common cause

Often, when your joints are not in alignment & the body is unbalanced, some areas of the body naturally react or compensate. These could be joints such as knees, or muscles such as hamstrings.

Over time these areas may become overused & may eventually become damaged, resulting in pain & frustrating time on the sidelines. Damage can occur to the joint structures, muscles or ligaments.

How we help

At Balwyn North Chiropractic Centre we use:

  • Superior sports injury treatment methods to correct your body’s imbalances, eliminating biomechanical problems & strain
  • Unique functional neurology techniques to determine any balance problems related to your sports injury
  • Advanced sports science techniques
  • Evidence based strengthening & functional rehabilitation exercises
  • Nutritional supplementation
  • Soft tissue therapy & Taping (e.g. Rocktape)

Many athletes & “weekend warriors” see us for a ‘tune-up’ before a game to help prepare their bodies, reduce the risk of injury and help get that natural performance enhancer!